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Infuse a personalized touch that weaves a narrative through delightful graphics, decorative elements, and heartfelt notes, crafting a design that holds deeper meaning and connection. Maui seamlessly merge expansive photography displays, product highlights, and precise typography, making them a seamless fit for fashion brands, product-centric enterprises, influencers, and creative visionaries.

Improve your brand's online presence, refine your email marketing strategies, and cultivate deeper connections with your audience. Whether you're an experienced email marketer or just beginning your digital journey, our templates provide you with the essential tools to take your email marketing to the next level.

30 x Email Templates

700x1000 Dimensions

Compatible using Canva

Template Inclusions

  • Product Showcase: Highlight your top products to captivate customers.
  • Reviews: Share customer feedback and testimonials to build trust.
  • Sale Announcements: Promote your latest discounts and offers.
  • Educational/Tips: Provide valuable information and insights to your audience.
  • Product Lists: Curate lists of products for easy shopping.
  • Welcome Email: Greet new subscribers with a warm welcome message.
  • Referral Program: Encourage customers to refer others to your brand.
  • Thanks for Your Order: Express gratitude and provide order details.
  • Win-back: Reconnect with past customers and encourage repeat purchases.
  • Abandon Cart: Remind customers of items left in their shopping cart.


Shop from our collection of brand templates. Choose one or mix and match different collections.

You’ll instantly receive an email with access to the templates. Rewrite text, change colours and upload images to make it in your own.

Export your design from the editor and it’s ready for you to upload. Time to show your new brand design into the world!


— This is a digital template, therefore no physical item is posted.
— Available for personal and commercial use.
— *Images are not included in the purchase (photos are free to use and can be downloaded from Canva Pro, and

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  • Modular & Stackable Design

    Consider these templates as customizable building blocks. You can stack them to create both long, informative emails or short, to-the-point ones, making it ideal for tailoring your emails to different promotions, seasons, or campaigns.

  • Product Spotlight

    Put your products right in the spotlight with a mix of lifestyle and product layouts, designed to catch your audience's eye, pique their interest, and actively involve them, ultimately giving a significant boost to your conversion rates.

  • Time-Saving

    Access to pre-designed email templates gives you a head start in the email marketing game, saving time and offering scalability to reach a larger audience without the added workload.


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