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Patricia Green

Re-brand Styling, Brand Guidelines, Email Marketing, Website Design, Website Banners, Social Media

A footwear brand that embraces the impact of finding the ideal pair of shoes. Rooted in a deep legacy of craftsmanship, every stitch and detail embodies a commitment to lasting quality and timeless style. We created a brand that merges modern aesthetics with traditional style, conveying a clear and compelling message. Introducing new products every season, we curated a colour palette suitable for year-round appeal. With a strong e-commerce presence we designed the brand to look stunning on digital devices, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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Sans Bakery

Social Media, Website Banners, Email Marketing

Nestled in New York City they are a gluten-free bakery with a straightforward mission: to craft delicious baked goods for individuals who often feel excluded. They firmly believe that any moment is ideal for a cookie break. We designed their marketing materials to reflect the fun and delectable nature of their baked goods. Bold typography was to highlight a clear call to action, while showcasing their own products as prominent brand assets, ensuring they take center stage.

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100% PURE® Cosmetics

Social Media, Email Marketing, Website Banners

A brand that is dedication to crafting the purest, healthiest products and enlightening everyone about the significance of being 100% PURE™. They are committed to environmental sustainability and aspire to enhance the lives of 6 billion people and animals, all while being charitable and contributing positively to the global community. Our design approach for their marketing materials is bright, fun, and approachable, aiming to demystify the typical secrets of the beauty industry. With a big focus on educating their audience, we focused on presenting complex messaging in a clear and simple format.

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Karma Made Beauty

Social Media, Media Press Kit, Box Packaging, PR Event Invitations, Hang Tags, Hand Drawn Icons

A salon specializing in premium body contouring techniques developed by Founder Cynthia Beltran. Their focus is on enhancing self-esteem and providing comprehensive education to clients throughout their journey. We've created promotional design materials for the upcoming launch of their new product range, striking a balance between beauty, elegance, and a touch of boldness.

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Banila Co

Social Media

Originating in Seoul, this beauty brand has become a top seller in South Korea and expanded its operations globally. Their formulations prioritise ingredients that your skin craves while excluding those it doesn't. Targeting a youthful audience, we designed educational social media graphics that feature their products in a playful and interactive manner, ensuring they grab the spotlight while drawing inspiration from trendy Korean styles.

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Fake Fragrances

Email Marketing

An innovative fragrance brand providing premium-quality imitations of the most sought-after scents in the industry, minus the premium price tag. Whether your preference is for bold and woodsy or luxurious and floral fragrances, Fake offers a scent for every taste. Our email designs highlight the ingredients of each fragrance, maintaining a neutral color palette to let product imagery stand out. By creating longer-format emails, we wanted to take their customers on an immersive journey that not only lets them visualize the scent but also virtually experience it by the end of the reading the email.

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Landing Page Design and Development

A consulting brand specialising in athlete and sports team marketing assistance. Our simple landing page design focuses on displaying only essential information. The messaging is presented in a clear and straightforward format, avoiding loud sales techniques and instead opting for a clear call-to-action format.

File Republic

Website Design and Development, Website Banners, Social Media, Signage, Email Signature, Stationary Design, Bag Design, T-shirt Design

A platform dedicated to digital privacy and productivity for law firms. Their mission is to safeguarding data and harness the potential of information. For the launch of their new platform, we have crafted promotional materials specifically targeting young legal professionals. Our approach emphasises a modern and innovative brand identity to distinguish them from the typical corporate branding in the legal industry. We've prioritized clear calls to action, inviting their customers to book a demo and discover the capabilities of our platform firsthand.

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Baja Daze

Brand Identity, Social Media

An event designed to feel like an escape to a Mexican-inspired paradise. It’s an evening filled with flavours of Mexico with a delightful lunch featuring bottomless cocktails and a mouth-watering Mexican feast. Our design approach draws inspiration from the rich and tantalising flavors found on their menu. This casual event was tailored for young individuals who appreciate a lively cocktail scene and a relaxed atmosphere.

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Sail Away Sundays

Brand Identity, Social Media

A European-inspired event happening during the spring and summer. Savor refreshing Pampelle Spritz, enjoy free-flowing sparkling wine and beer, and relish in a decadent three-course lunch with friends while soaking in the sunshine and good vibes from the DJ on deck. Our design approach draws inspiration from the laid-back, sunny vibes of Positano. Picture yourself on a European beach with a cocktail in hand, to truly capture the essence of this experience.

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Anthoni Allen

Social Media, Website Banners, Media Press Kit

We've crafted promotional graphics to unveil the launch of a new course by a business coach who specializes in guiding entrepreneurs to develop clever brands. The design reflects a premium yet approachable aesthetic, mirroring the quality of content found in her course. Our emphasis is on presenting key information in a simple and straightforward manner, ensuring that her clients can easily grasp and understand the course details.